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AEON English Speech Contest 2019

aeon1      On 15th June, 2019, Mr.Weerasak Samaksaman Director of Language Learning and Teaching Unit, OBEC, competition judge of AEON English Speech Contest 2019. 

     10 Winners will participate in Asia Youth Leaders 2019 at Hanoi. Asia Youth Leaders is a program in which young people from various Asian countries get together in the same room to take part in observation and lectures by specialists on the theme of social issues in the host countries, followed by group discussions. Students from different backgrounds, from nine nations of Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, engage in substantial debate using English as a common language, and search for solutions to problems. Participants cultivate attitudes that are accepting of global perspectives and each other's values. AEON 1% Club Foundation will cover expenses for preparation and implementation of the program. 

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