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EP/ MEP Committee Workshop

cover     On 9th-12th November, 2017, English Language Institute, organized a workshop on "Preparing EP/ MEP Committees' Work for fiscal year 2018" at Royal Benja Hotel, Bangkok.

     Dr. Yuwadee Yoosabai, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs and Educational Standards Bureau opened the workshop by welcoming all committees and expalined to them how and why the workshop came fruition. She further hoped that the workshop would be a great platform where the committees will be beneficial to the EP/ MEP Program's assessment.
     The workshop was aimed at raising awareness and understanding among EP/ MEP committees on the issues of the understanding on assessment and the standard of EP/ MEP Program; administration, environment, budget planning, curriculum and personnel.
     The last part of the workshop in structured as a Q&A session whereby EP Program stakeholders answer questions addressed to them. A wide variety of questions were brought to the stage including the preparation of EP assessment, the school's curriculum and additional documents.

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