Analysis Boot Camp Curriculum (Phase 1)

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analysis1     On 9th - 12th June 2017, English Language Institute, organized a workshop on "Analyzing Boot Camp Curriculum" at The Loft Resort, Bangkok.

     Dr. Rattana Sangbuaphuen, Director of English Language Institute, presided over the openning ceremony and delivered the speech on the workshop's objectives as followings:
     1) To allow the teachers who were trained from the Regional English Training Centres (Boot Camp) to analyse the curriculum.
     2) To introduce the English teaching materials framework and assessment tools.
     3) To systematically gather the learning-teaching materials and reources.
     The workshop was delivered by the speakers as followings:
     1) Dr. Pornpimon Prasongporn, Advisor, Faculty of Education and Direction of English Teaching Department, Panyapiwat Institute of Management.  "The Analysis of Teaching-Learning English Language Curriculum"
     2) Dr. Yuwadee Yoosabai, Deputy Director of Bureau of Academic Affairs and educational standards, OBEC "ELI teaching and learning materials"
     3) Mr. Worrapong Nuam-In, The Bureau of Technology for Teaching and Learning, OBEC "(OBEC Content Center)"
     The workshop was attended by English teachers from both primary and secondary schools trained from the regional English Training Centres, all together 30 people.

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