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Regional English Training Teachers (Batch 1)

0     English Language Institute has successfully executed the training program taking place from 17th October to 24th November, 2016 for the first batch of teacher trainees.

     Following OBEC's press conference concerning the inauguration of the Eight Regional English Training Centres (ฺBoot Camps) on13th October,2016, the four trainning centres across the country namely Triam Udom Suksa School (Central), Wattanothai Payap School (North), Khon Kaen Wittayayon School (Northeast), and Suratpittaya School (South), where training sessions are delivered by trainers from the UK, have been successful in delivering training to the first batch of teacher trainees.  Each of these centres is responsible for providing training for 75 participants at a time. The participants will be divided into three groups, each containing 25 attendants, accordingly. The second batch of training is scheduled for 21st November to 9th December this year. In this connection, the name lists of those qualified for the forth coming training program have already been dispatched to their respective educational service area offices. Over the span of this fiscal year, there will be a total of 17 batches of teacher trainees obtaining training. The other four impending training centres including Chonkanyanukoon School,Benjama Maharaj School, Suraneree Wittaya School,and Chalermkhwan Satree School have been set to embark on their delivery of training in February, next year.

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