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Southern EP/ MEP Open House 2016

cover     Hatyairatprachasun School, Songkhla province hosted Southern EP/ MEP Open House 2016 during 4-6 August 2016.

     Under the theme "Communication is our Power, Language is our Tool", the event aims to promote English capability of students in English and Mini English Program. The Open House consisted of students' English skills competitions and performances as follows:
     1.Primary Level activities are
        Story Telling, English Science and Maths Quiz, Speech Contest, Listen and Draw, Singing Contest, Spelling Bee, Word Building, Multi Skills Competition, Science Show
     2.Secondary Level activities are
        Debate, Spelling Bee, Science and Maths Quiz, Multi Skills Competition, Speech Contest, ASEAN Quiz, Crossword, Story Telling, Website Contest, Singing Contest

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