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Goal and Task


  1. The students, teachers and educational personnel shall develop the proficiency in learning and using the English language.
  2. There shall be efficient teaching programs and methods and learning channels to elevate the implementation of English language.
  3. There shall be modern media to learn English, including printed media, electronic media and Internet that the students, teachers and relevant people are able to use in study, knowledge exchanges and efficiently practicing the language skill.
  4. There shall be prototype educational institutes and core leading teachers who can proficiently transfer and impart the knowledge and forms and organize the English language Programs to achieve success for the educational institutes, entities, personnel, etc.
  5. To serve as a center of network cooperation to promote the English Language Programs and use the English language in connections with the higher educational institutes/government and private sectors to create domestic and international networks as a center to learn the English language via on-line system, and to provide services for language media, curriculum, training programs, practice sets and study plans.



     In accordance with the Notification of Office of the Basic Education Commission regarding the separation of Office of the Basic Education Commission (internally) to include the management division to carry on the mission of promotion, support and development of teachers, basic education staff, developments of student activities and English Language Programs in primary schools to run smoothly and efficiently, thus it is deemed fit to establish a division responsible for the management thereof within the Office of the Basic Education Commission.
     By virtue of Section 30 of the Ministry of Education Act of B.E. 2546 (2003), Notification has been made to separate the internal office of the Basic Education Commission pursuant to Clause 3 to comprise the English Language Institute (internally) with authority to perform the following duties:

  1. To propose the policy and strategies regarding development of English Language Programs at basic education level.
  2. To promote and develop English Language Programs, use of English language for communication, search for knowledge and create international relations.
  3. To promote and develop primary schools to establish the standard of English language curriculum.
  4. To promote and develop English teacher to possess knowledge, skills and proficiency according to the standards.
  5. To promote and develop the curriculum, learning process, student development activities, media, and assessment of English language proficiency.
  6. To promote, support, and develop the network for English Language Programs and to provide coordination with higher education institutes, domestic and international government and private sectors.
  7. To jointly perform or provide supports for the work other relevant entities or assigned entities.