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Vision and Mission


     "English Language Institute, Office of the Basic Education Commission, is the main entity aiming to promote, support, develop and manage the efficiency in learning English from English teachers, educational institutes, educational staff, network and relevant entities in order to elevate the ability in using English at the basic level with skills and ability in communication, knowledge search and perform work according to profession or for advance education."



  1. To research, promote and develop the management for the efficient learning and using the English language at basic level in order to enhance the ability in using the language for communication, searching for knowledge, performing work according to profession or for the advance education of Thai students and youths.
  2. To provide coordination, promotion, support and develop the primary schools to be able to manage the English Language Programs in compliance with the standards and able to develop the students to reach the knowledge and skills according to the curriculum standards.
  3. To research and develop English teachers to possess the knowledge, skills and proficiency according to the English teacher standards, able to teach efficiently and reach the target according to the standards of the curriculum.
  4. To research, promote and develop the use of curriculum, learning process, media and assessment of study result in compliance and commensurate with the context, demand and necessity o the country and the region.
  5. To coordinate, promote and develop the work performance of personnel, network, and entities related to the development in all levels of English Language Programs inside Thailand and abroad.
  6. To publicize and provide educational services regarding knowledge, media, innovations for learning, skill development and assessment on English language, and to respond to the demands for supports from the English teachers, educational personnel and relevant entities.